Del Carmen Foods (DCF) are quality fruit and vegetable-based products, grown and processed in Mexico under the most stringent manufacturing standards, and subjected to world-class certification by recognized bodies in the field. Del Carmen Foods products are targeted at: a) food processors looking for top quality ingredients, b) retailers seeking to develop high-quality product lines on a “white” or “private” label basis and c) consumers, seeking fresh frozen products or ingredients. Del Carmen Food products are of the highest quality and comparable or superior, in food safety, to any locally grown produce, at a highly competitive price.

Supplier of quality, all-natural, frozen-from-fresh fruits and vegetables

A Reliable Frozen Fruit Supplier

Del Carmen Foods Inc. is a leading supplier of processed fruit and vegetable ingredients in the United States as frozen fruit purees, NFC juices (not from concentrate), IQF tropical fruits, prepared fruit bases and sugar added fruit packs.

We deliver frozen fruit ingredients such as keylime, lime, mamey,
passion fruit, soursop and guava, from California to New York.
Nationwide delivery by FTL annual programs or LTL.

We are dedicated to supply specialty fruit,
specialty juices and specialty purees frozen
from fresh mangoes, watermelons,
lemons and other fruits.

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