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This star-shaped and exotic fruit is supplied in IQF star cuts and purees.

This tropical and exotic fruit is also known as carambola. Just as the name implies – Star Fruit when sliced forms a 5 pointed star. We offer star fruit in:

  • IQF format, both whole and sliced.
  • Purees, pulp or straight / sugar packs.

Due to its sweetness with low sugar content, star fruit is a growing ingredient in the health beverage and dessert treats like fruit bars, ice creams and sorbets. It is also use as a decorative / edible garnish on many buffet and drink bars.

  • IQF Whole Starfruit
  • IQF Diced Starfruit
  • IQF Sliced Starfruit
  • Sugar Packs
  • Straight Pack
  • Starfruit Puree
  • Heat Treated
  • Pasteurized
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