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Leeks are often overlooked as an ingredient, but add a wonderful flavor to foods. Organic leek puree and IQF diced leeks are often a principal ingredient in many kinds of soup like potato leek and Vichyssoise.

Leeks maintain their soft taste and delicate fresh aroma when frozen. Organic IQF leeks have a subtle onion-like flavor and we can fire-roast them to further enhance that flavor naturally.


Organic leek puree is showing up in more green smoothies and juices. Organic leeks add zest to green smoothies that feature broccoli and spinach ingredients. IQF leeks or leek purees are also added to carrots and ginger smoothies because they are rich in vitamins and minerals.


As conventional and organic leek suppliers, we offer:

  • IQF Leek Slices
  • IQF Diced Leeks
  • Leek Puree
  • Fire-Roasted Leeks
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