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From ripe watermelon, our colorful and flavorful watermelon chunky puree is a tasty ingredient for frozen treats as watermelon fruit bars, watermelon sorbets and watermelon beverages supplied year-round.

Watermelon is not just a summer time treat anymore. Watermelon is being used to add all natural sweetness to smoothies and fruit bars. Or it adds the crisp blast of summer flavor to water, yogurt or soup for a delicious treat all year round.

Our suppliers carefully and methodically select the ripest, highest quality and best tasting watermelon for your ingredients and flavor profiles. We offer both conventional and organic watermelon. Formats include: IQF pieces, purees, juice, concentrate, pulp and "pulpy juice."

You'll see watermelon juice, food and beverage demand take off beyond the summer months in the coming years as consumers will continually crave that all natural flavor year round.

  • Soursop puree
  • Heat Treated
  • Straight Pack
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 Del Carmen Foods products are targeted at food processors looking for top quality ingredients and retailers seeking to develop high-quality product lines on a “white” or “private” label basis