Introducing our exquisite range of Dehydrated Vegetables and Spices, meticulously crafted to elevate your food production to new heights.

Our Values are Integrity, Responsibility, Service,
Honesty and Hard Work.
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We are proud descendants of Mexican Farmers
and we know the value and development that agribusiness brings
to the people who work and take care of their fields, crops and orchards.
Inspired by this, we have created Del Carmen Foods Inc.,
to further contribute to the effort of many farmers originating from different regions
of Mexico who follow good agricultural practices.

Our ingredients are processed at FSVP validated plants.

We have selected and validated them to cater to our sales programs, under the compliance of strict quality control and our FSVP.


We take full responsibility for the cold chain by importing and delivering to our clients in the United States.


We focus on bringing verified ingredients for foods, desserts and drinks with the highest quality to be consumed anywhere in the world.

We believe Del Carmen Foods is an important factor in promoting the development of agricultural communities in México.

Our products are the result of their hard work which contributes to stopping the migration of people in their communities.

We promote the continuity of the production of fruits and endemic vegetables with high nutritional and functional content.